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TIMETERA Fingerprint Time Attendance & Door Access D250

Introducing the TIMETERA D250 Fingerprint Time Attendance & Door Access system (Known as Thumbprint Time Attendance) – a standalone Fingerprint time attendance solution with no software installation or network setup needed. With a capacity for up to 3000 employees and 230,000 transactions, it offers robust data management. The 3.2-inch TFT LCD display, USB flash drive download, and T9 input method editors make it user-friendly. Set up multiple manager accounts for enhanced security and control, and effortlessly generate attendance reports directly without the need for additional software. Efficiency at its finest!

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Timetera Door Access & Time Attendance System 

Model: D250

1. Fully Standalone Time Attendance System – no software installation nor network configuration required. Data is transferred in and out via USB thumb drive (Add-on).
2. Accommodates up to 3000 employees and stores up to 230,000 transactions. Set up multiple manager accounts for security and data control.
3. 2 inch TFT LCD display screen, USB flash drive download.
4. Does not need software, T9 input method editors, name, department, frequency and other information, can be directly output attendance reports.
Products Features:
Attendance Shift Setting:
◆As days, weeks, months to set the attendance
◆Support work in&out, relay, overtime setting
◆Support holiday, weekend and leaving setting
◆Support retroactive setting
Color LCD
◆High resolution ratio LCD shows employee name, fingerprint image
Employee information register
◆T9 input too register the employee name in the attendance device
◆USB pen drive to download or upload the employee’s details
USB Pen driver store data
◆USB pen driver download or upload the reports in Excel or TXT file
◆USB Pen driver download or upload employee details for easy editing
◆USB Pen driver download or upload attendance shift setting
Attendance Exports
◆Auto generate reports in Excel or TXT file
◆Both raw data and statistic data reports
D250 is Standalone Door Access System with attendance. High steady and strong access control functions together. With the top algorithm to make sure the identification speed and rates, suits all company and buildings.
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