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  Welcome to our time and attendance management software solution, Timetec TA! Our software is designed to help businesses of all sizes effectively manage employee attendance, leaves, overtime, and related information.

  With Timetec TA, your employees can clock in and out using various methods, including biometric devices, web-based login, or mobile app. This provides real-time tracking of attendance data, automated calculation of working hours and overtime, and generates detailed reports.

  Our software also integrates with various payroll systems, making it easy for businesses to process payroll accurately and efficiently. With Timetec TA, you can reduce manual work, improve accuracy, and streamline your payroll processing.

  We offer a range of pricing plans and support resources to meet your business needs. Our software is easy to use and comes with training resources and technical support to ensure you get the most out of it.

In summary, Timetec TA is the perfect solution for businesses looking to improve their time and attendance management processes. With our innovative software, you can reduce errors, increase productivity, and save time and money. Contact us today to learn more about how Timetec TA can benefit your business!



Simplify Your Leave Process

• Mobile application & easy approval
• Flexible amendments
• Company leave calendar
• Leave reminder notification
• Extensive leave rules

Advanced Leave Policy Configurations

• Customizable leave policy
• Approval workflow
• Flexible partial day leave
• Crunch time settings

Automated Calculation & Reports

• Prorate leave balance
• Carry forward automation
• Manager service accruals
• Labour compliance
• 10+ Advanced & real-time reporting


Various Claim Settings

• Multiple claim types • Fix different rates for different claims for different employees • Set multiple & different approval rules

Simplify & Streamline Application Process

• Applications and approval via app
• Reduces paperwork, saves cost and time
• Promotes transparency in claim process

Effective Claim Management Reporting

• Convert claims to billable items for clients
• Readily available reports
• Professional claim analysis


Automatic Payroll Calculation

• Automatic calculation for EPF/SOCSO/LHDN
• Automatic generation of Borang E/EA
• Bonus & increment function
• Monthly Itemized payslip
• Staff loan, insurance and accident details

Automatic Payslip Distribution

• Employees will receive their payslips automatically
• Reduce administrative effort in printing & distributing paper slips
• Employees have easy online access to previous months’ payslips

Automatic Transactions

• Make all your online payment for salary/ EPF/SOCSO/LHDN in one place
• Easily ensure salary is paid on time


Appraisal Setup

• Redefine the company’s grading system that empowers growth
• Customisable ratings that are unique to the company’s appraisal needs
• Custom appraisal form that inspires excellence
• Define timelines that match the company’s performance evaluations

System Operation

• Various appraisal type like self-appraisal, superior appraise subordinate & subordinate appraise superior
• Conduct appraisal, review appraisal & observe appraisal
• Admin dashboard, past appraisal, ongoing appraisal


Customized Job Posting

• Recruitment requisition approval
• Schedule to auto-publish job post
• Customize hiring workflow
• Appointment of hiring teams
• Customize questionnaire & application form

Simplify and Streamline Application Process

• Interview scheduler
• Share job posting in multiple platforms
• Drop resume

Effective Talent Management & Reporting

• Automated screening process
• Interview scorecards
• Candidates profile and status
• Remuneration package


Keeping Your Team Together

• Employee profile
• Company calendar
• Company announcements

Manage Your Team In One Place

• Manage organizational hierarchy
• Employees on/offboarding
• Manage all TimeTec solutions in one place
• Data integration

Safeguard Your Company’s Information & Confidential Matters

• Employee handbook
• Employees remuneration package & payslip
• Employees performance & KPI


Data Mining, Crunching & Data Visualization

• Employee stat & profiles
• Turnover & retention rate
• Salary & career path history
• Staff performance
• Demographic data
• Absenteeism analysis
• Leave pattern
• Claim pattern

Extended Analytics

• Sales analysis
• Costing analysis
• Customer analysis
• Debtor analysis
• Inventory control analysis

Predict & Shape Future Outcomes

• On-point predictive data from experts in HR Analytics field
• Reduce manday spent on data mining
• Machine learning resources that leverage artificial intelligence

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