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Timetera AI Face Recognition Time Attendance & Door Access System TT53AI

The TT-53AI face recognition time attendance is the latest addition to our line of AI-powered facial recognition time attendance terminals. With its dynamic face scan time attendance technology, TT-53AI face recognition time attendance is faster, more accurate, and can even detect faces while wearing a mask. It also boasts a large fingerprint storage capacity of up to 10,000, making it perfect for small to medium-sized businesses. Plus, with its NPU processor, it’s able to process data quickly and efficiently.

One of the unique features of the TT-53AI face recognition time attendance is its ability to perform a 5 people group scan, making it perfect for high-traffic areas like office entrances or public transportation hubs. This function allows multiple people to be verified simultaneously, saving time and increasing efficiency.

The TT-53AI face recognition time attendance is easy to install and comes with its own software for attendance tracking and door access control. It’s a reliable and affordable solution for businesses in need of a secure and efficient access control system.

Products Features:

◆Our Face machines with developed face algorithm, fast and accurate identification, achieved the advanced level of face recognition.

◆AI dynamic cameras, can even do the identification at night time with mask on.

◆Reminder of on and off duty, and late in and early out.

◆Optical Dark Backlight Sensor.

◆WIFI Build

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TIMETERA AI Face Recognition Time Attendance & Door Access System

Model : TT-53AI

  • Software / Cloud Version Attendance
  • AI Face, Fingerprint, ID Cards, Password for Attendance
  • Multiple Face Scan, Up to 5 Persons at the same time
  • Security face recognition combination in & out control
  • Photo & Video not recognized
  • Big color & Sensitive touch screen
  • Door Access Ready
  • Plug & Play
  • AI Camera able to verify with : Wear Glasses, Makeup, Mustache, Wear Mask, & Wear Hijab
  • Multiple Shift : YES 
  • Change Shift : YES
  • Shift Available : Flexible Working Hours, Working time calculation, O.T time calculation & etc…
  • Flexible Face Recognition Distance : 0.5~2.5 Meters
  • Display : 4.3 inch Color Screen
  • Verification Mode : Face, Card, Password
  • Transaction Capacity : 500,000 data
  • User and Face Capacity : 5,000
  • Fingerprint : 10,000
  • Card Capacity : 5,000
  • Communication : WiFi, TCP/IP, USB
  • Built-In Bell : YES
  • NPU Processor
  • Verification Speed : <0.02S
  • Working Humidity : 28% ~ 80%
  • Working Temperature : 0°C ~ 25°C
  • Power: DC 12V 2A
  • Backup Battery : Add on available
  • Machine Warranty : 1-Year Warranty against manufacturing defects
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