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TIMETERA Face Recognition Time Attendance & Door Access System SA360

The TIMETERA Face Recognition Time Attendance & Door Access System SA360 boasts a user-friendly 4.3-inch touch screen, supporting time attendance through face recognition, fingerprint scanning, RFID cards, and passwords. With a capacity for 5,000 fingerprints, 1,500 face scans, and 3,000 RFID cards, it stores up to 100,000 transactions.

The TIMETERA Face Recognition Time Attendance model SA360 door access feature allows easy integration with doors, enhancing security. Retrieving data for time attendance reports is seamless via USB thumb drive or TCP/IP (network cable connection). The time attendance software adds further flexibility with additional features for setting attendance shifts, making it a comprehensive solution for efficient time and access management.


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Timetera Face Recognition & Fingerprint Time Attendance & Door Access System

Model: SA360


4.3 inch Touch Screen & RFID Card& Fingerprint & Facial Recognition Biometric Access Control
Products Advantages:
The biometric access control features 4.3-inch TFT capacitive color touchscreen, dual infrared, dual high-definition cameras, and 1.5GHz quad-core processor. Using Timetera’s new real-time facial recognition algorithm, face capture is more accurate and faster through light balancing. After years of improvement, our products are more cost-effective as ever. They are widely used in government agencies, intelligent buildings, office buildings, high-end residential property, universities, enterprises, and much more.
Products Features:
◆Our Face machines with developed face algorithm, fast and accurate identification, achieved the advanced level of face recognition.
◆Double infrared light double HD cameras, can even do the identification at night time.
◆T9 input, input user information directly.
◆Reminder of on and off duty, and late in and early out.
◆Optical Dark Backlight Sensor.
◆Work Mode : Software Attendance + Door Access Ready
◆Access Verify : Fingerprint, Facescan, RFID & Password
◆User Capacity : 5,000 Fingers / 1,500 Facescan / 3,000 RFID Card
◆Transaction Storage : 100,000
◆Comm. : USB (Recommend Thumbdrive USB 2.0) & TCP/IP
◆Backup Battery : External 12VDC Power Supply c/w Battery (Optional)
◆Power : 9VDC 1A or 12VDC 1A
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